Pastor Shoots Brick-Wielding Assailant At Church Service

October 20, 2015Oct 20, 2015

The Pastor of City of God ministries was just 15 minutes into his Sunday afternoon service at his storefront church in Detroit when a man who had threatened him in the past ran at him with a brick.

According to The Detroit News, the pastor responded by pulling out a Glock handgun and shooting the man several times. The man, identified as Deante Smith, died.

A few weeks ago, Smith had ranted on Facebook that the pastor had gotten Smith's wife pregnant. Police are investigating any possible truth to that claim.

Authorities say that the pastor is cooperating with them and has not been arrested.


Detroit City Councilman and St. Paul A.M.E. Church Pastor Andre Spivey says security in churches has become a greater concern since the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting in June.

Baber Memorial A.M.E. Church's Rev. Larry L. Simmons is planning to increase security.

He lamented, " do you make a place that’s open to the public completely secure? You can’t. Thinking far out about it, I do hope the church does not become a place where you have security like an airport.... My concern is churches are becoming a place where you can no longer welcome people freely. And that shouldn’t happen.”