Pastor Robert Jeffress Responds to Trump’s Alleged, 'Derogatory' Immigrant Comment

January 12, 2018Jan 12, 2018

A great debate is afoot in our nation again over what exactly President Trump meant with a comment he may or may not have made. It’s another day in America.

According to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) and some others, Trump was in a meeting with Democrat leaders over a possible bipartisan compromise to President Obama’s DACA program. The DACA (aka DREAMers) program allows some illegal immigrant minors to enter and continue to stay in the U.S., and Trump previously wanted to get rid of it as part of his overarching immigration reform.

But the new DACA plan the Democrats presented to Trump was, in his words, “a big step backwards.” That allegedly caused the president to question why we’d want to let so many immigrants in from “s---hole” countries like Haiti and those in Africa.

Speculation over whether Trump was quoted correctly, and whether he was referring to the corrupt governments of those countries or to the people themselves, raged across social media. Trump critics were quick to call him a racist.

But many supporters have come to his defense. Among them is Dallas First Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jeffress, who often stood up for Trump during the presidential campaign.

In a statement released to FOX 4, Jeffress explained, "Apart from the vocabulary attributed to him, President Trump is right on target in his sentiment.”

He then brought the Bible into the discussion, saying, “As individual Christians, we have a biblical responsibility to place the needs of others above our own, but as Commander-in-Chief, President Trump has the constitutional responsibility to place the interest of our nation above the needs of other countries.”

Jeffress added that he’s “grateful we have a President like Donald Trump who clearly understands that distinction and has the courage to protect the well-being of our nation.”

Early Friday evening, Trump released another Facebook statement on why he couldn’t get onboard with the new DACA plan.

Conservative commentators Tomi Lahren and Mark Dice are also defending Trump on Friday. Matt Walsh is, too, but Ben Shapiro has only a semi-supportive take.

What do you think of Jeffress’ response? In other news, Rush Limbaugh has a different sort of take on the Trump DACA comments controversy.

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