Pastor Robert Jeffress' Latest Warning To Obama Shows He Has No Fear Of The President

January 04, 2017Jan 04, 2017

It is intimidating to deal a warning of God's judgment to the President. But Pastor Robert Jeffress, who has been outspoken on many political issues and was an early Trump supporter, is not afraid to give it to Obama.


On a recent television interview with Sean Hannity, Jeffress said that President Obama and Senator John Kerry were opposing God in their latest dealings with Israel. "John Kerry and Barack Obama are on the wrong side of history," Jeffress said. "They are on the wrong side of God on this."

Kerry and Obama recently sided with Palestine in kicking Jews out of the West Bank. Biblically, this is Jewish Holy Land and land that God gave to Israel.

Jeffress explained: "This land that we call the West Bank — that includes Bethlehem, that includes Jericho — biblical sites that have been inhabited by the Jewish people for thousands of years. God says this land belongs to Israel."

Jeffress quoted a warning passage from Joel 3, in which God says he will judge those who divide up His land, reports the Christian Post"In verses two and three [it says] that God will judge any nation that divides the land that God gave to Israel," Jeffress explained.

"That is why it is a scary thing to listen to Barack Obama and John Kerry. The good news is we have a new president coming, Donald J. Trump, who is determined to be on the right side of history and of God on this issue," Jeffress said encouragingly.

We agree! We are thankful we are getting a new President who will honor Israel! Do you agree?