Pastor Robert Jeffress Says Why 'Gay Is Not Okay'

September 12, 2017Sep 12, 2017

Pastor Robert Jeffress is well known across the nation and across the Christian community. He has taken a strong stance on the condemnation of homosexuality, but he also included some wonderful pearls of wisdom for us all to think about.

He started by saying that many pastors and religious leaders have made numerous mistakes when it comes to addressing homosexuality and religion. He said the first mistake is to speak in derogatory terminology.

“As we are going to discover this week, Jesus did condemn homosexuality. But one can hardly imagine Jesus being impolite, rude, or speaking to people in a demeaning way when He did so. There is no place for that kind of behavior,” said Jeffress.

The second thing he focused on dealt with hypocrisy and Christianity. When it comes to religion, Jeffress says many are quick to condemn the homosexual act. However, he also said we need to be fair Christians and equal among our stances.

“There are many ways to pervert God’s plan for human sexuality. Adultery is a perversion of God’s plan for sexuality. Premarital sex is a perversion of God’s plan for sexuality. Unbiblical divorces and remarriages are a perversion of God’s plan for sexuality. God’s pattern is very clear: sex is reserved for a man and a woman in a marriage relationship. Christians need to be consistent by not just zeroing in on homosexuality but also speaking out about every kind of sexual immorality,” said Jeffress.

Lastly, Jeffress opened up about Christians thinking that homosexuality is an unpardonable sin. He boldy states that there is no sin that is outside the grace of God.

“That is why Jesus Christ came to die, not just for the small sins or a particular list of sins. He came to die for all sins. And anyone who admits his or her sins and need for forgiveness, whether drunkards or liars or murderers or adulterers or homosexuals, anyone can find forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Romans 8:1 says, ‘There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,’” finished Jeffress.

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