Pastor Jeffress Takes On Combative Reporter Over Trump's Crude Comments

October 11, 2016Oct 11, 2016

It seems like Fox News needs to throw up one of their a "bias alerts" on one of their reporters after she became incredible combative with First Baptist Church of Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress and tried to shame him into pulling his support of Donald Trump following the release of Trump's 2005 crude sexual comments the day before.

Or maybe correspondent Elizabeth Prann was just trying really, really hard to play devil's advocate. It's hard to tell. But watch how Pastor Jeffress responds to the reporter and addresses his stance on Trump:

(Editor's note: Watch Prann's facial expressions)

ELIZABETH PRANN: "You've been defending and campaigning Donald Trump from the very beginning, but, sir, how do you defend the most recent audio leak that we've seen."

PASTOR ROBERT JEFFRESS: "Let me be very clear about this. These statements were lewd, offensive, and indefensible, but they're not enough to make me vote for Hillary Clinton. Last week I was in Trump Tower. I moderated a meeting between Mr. Trump and religious leaders, and with Trump seated to my left, I said, 'Look, I might not choose this man to be a Sunday school teacher in my church, but that's not what this election is about. It's about..."

PRANN (interrupting): "But, sir, being the president—"

JEFFRESS (continuing): "....choosing the best leader to reverse the downward spiral of the—"

PRANN (interrupting): "But it's also about electing someone with character and with judgment."


PRANN: "He mentioned comments that he's learned a lot after 10 years."


PRANN: "He was still 60 years old when these comments made. How much growth do you do between 60 and 70 years old? Has his judgement really changed since then?!"

JEFFRESS: "Let me agree with you. I do think character is a very important issue when it comes to leadership. But when people suggest that Trump is now disqualified because of his character, they're assuming Hillary Clinton has better character. Yet here is a woman who destroyed 33,000 e-mails, she attacked those victims of her husband's sexual assaults, and she supports the dismembering of babies through partial-birth abortion. That's hardly the higher moral ground..."

PRANN (interrupting): "We are going to do entire segments about Hillary Clinton on this show today. But right now, you need're speaking out on behalf of Donald Trump. You also lead a congregation."


PRANN: "How do you tell those people that this man supports traditional family values when hear comments like this?"

JEFFRESS: "Well, first of all, I don't defend the actions or the words. I also talk about the fact that the Bible teachers that we are all sinners who all need Christ's forgiveness. But when it comes to family values, I would just say that the issue I think for conservative Christians in this next election is the Supreme Court. USA Today said last Friday that the next president is going to shape the Supreme Court and therefore shape America for generations to come. Donald Trump is the only candidate who said he will appoint justices who interpret the Constitution using the law rather than political correctness. And I just think, Elizabeth, as despicable as these comments are, I really believe conservative Christians need to keep their eye on what the real issue is in this campaign."

PRANN (cutting in quickly): "OK, well you talk about shaping the Supreme Court of the United States with a number of other factors, but in order to get there you need the support of your party, and right now the GOP is completely fractured, especially after these comments, and we're seeing lawmakers rescinding their support of the nominee. So how do you steer the ship from here?"

JEFFRESS: "I think it's going to be difficult. I think Mr. Trump, for example, in the debate tomorrow night, when he's asked about this — and I think it's for sure he's going to be asked about this — he needs to demonstrate genuine humility and contriteness for what he has done. He needs to repeat what he did last night, that he's a changed person. So I think genuine humility is very important. Then I do think, after he demonstrates that, he needs to pivot to what the real issue is. And, look, I'm not going to berate people who say they have trouble with supporting the ticket right now, because of this. But I really do believe this is a binary choice between Trump and Clinton, and I think that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for...

PRANN (interrupting): "OK, I just have..."

JEFFRESS: "...moral character..."

PRANN (interrupting): ""

JEFFRESS: "...when you look at her record as well."

PRANN: " last question for you, pastor. You said he needs to exhibit genuine humility. Can he promise the American people that this was just a one-off, that we can expect nothing like this again?"

JEFFRESS: "Well, you've been reporting that — I think it's probably true — there are other things from his past that will come out as well, but I think what he can do is say, 'I'm ashamed of what I said, it doesn't represent who I am, and I'm a changed person. And I will never exhibit this behavior from this point on.'"

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