Pastor Jeffress: No Christian Can Look At Syrian Refugees And Not Feel Compassion, But...

October 07, 2016Oct 07, 2016

On Fox Business this week, host Stuart Varney pointed out that 12,486 Muslim refugees have been admitted into America while only 68 Christians and 24 Yazidis have. He asked outspoken First Baptist Church of Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress for his take on this.

PASTOR ROBERT JEFFRESS: "Look, Stuart, no Christian — no human being — can look at the situation in Syria and not feel compassion for the suffering Syrians. There are many things we can do and should do as a nation, but allowing unvettable refugees into our country is not one of them. I mean, you talk about 68 Christians. The truth is, we don't know if it's 68, 680, or just 6, because we have no idea who these people really are. Which, by the way, Stuart, is one reason last week our state of Texas withdrew from Obama's refugee resettlement program. The Obama administration said to our governor, 'We can't certify that these refugees pose no threat to your population." So let's do whatever we can to help without putting our own people at risk."

STUART VARNEY: "It's a numbers game, isn't it? I mean, what do you think America would look like if, say, 7 or 8 percent of the population was Muslim, as it is in France?"

Editor's note: The current Muslim population in the U.S. is 0.9%, according to a Pew Research Center study.

VARNEY: "I don't want to be pejorative here, but I have to ask the question. What would America look like, feel like, how would it act, what would our culture be like if that happened to us? Would you want to answer the question?"

JEFFRESS: "It would be far different than it is today. And, look, let's all say, we know the majority of Muslims are peace-loving individuals. But the truth is, all the recent terror attacks that we've had in our country, whether it's Orlando, or Fort Hood, or San Bernardino, have not been committed by Christians shouting out 'Jesus Christ is great!' They've all been committed by radicalized Muslims shouting out "allah is great!"

After a brief segment about a young Syrian girl live tweeting about bombs going off around her home in Alleppo, the conversation with Jeffress continued.

VARNEY: "That's the humanitarian side of the argument, isn't it? How do you turn a fine young woman like that down?"

JEFFRESS: "Absolutely. And we have to do something, Stuart, outside of accepting these refugees. For example, we need to put pressure on Putin to quit assisting Assad in this massacre of Syrian people. The other side of it is, they're also being attacked by ISIS. It's time for us to have a commander-in-chief who will deal decisively with ISIS. We don't have that right now."

And short while later, Jeffress concluded with this:

JEFFRESS: "We've got to balance real Christian compassion for these refugees with our real responsibility and compassion for our own citizens."

Do you agree?