Pastor Jeffress Gives Obama THIS Harsh Nickname

June 16, 2016Jun 16, 2016

Instead of being Commander-in-Chief for America, megapastor Robert Jeffress says Obama's favorite role is "defender-in-chief for Islam," reports the Christian PostAfter another Islamic terrorist attack, President Obama still refused to implicate radical Islamic terrorists. He even stated outright why he refused to use the term so many have wanted to hear. Saying that "radical Islam" is not a "magic" phrase, Obama spoke up for Muslims: "Where does this stop? Are we going to start treating all Muslim-Americans differently? Are we going to start subjecting them to special surveillance? Are we going to start discriminating against them because of their faith? ... Do Republican officials actually agree with this?"

While most Americans are sympathetic towards non-violent Muslims, many want Obama to call a spade a spade and defend our country. Pastor Jeffress is one of those loud voices, as he spoke out in a Fox News interview. "If this had been a conservative Christian who committed this horrific act, this is all Barack Obama would be talking about — how Christians needs to rethink their faith and reform their views. But he is silent about that when it comes to radical Islam."

Jeffress continued, "It's important for this president to acknowledge that whether we are talking about Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, or now Orlando, these attacks were not committed by militant Methodists, they were committed by militant Muslims. That is not racism, that is realism, and it's a realism this president better start acknowledging."

The pastor gave a shocking look at the statistics: "We all acknowledge that most Muslims are peace-loving. The most conservative estimate is that only 5 percent of Muslims have embraced radical Islam. But out of 1.5 billion Muslims, that's 75 million Muslims who embrace radical Islam."

That is scary. We need to pray that our next President will be a wise defender of the American people. Do you agree? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!