Pastor Jeffress EXPLODES At Joe Biden For Being DANGEROUSLY Blind To...

August 26, 2016Aug 26, 2016

Pastor Robert Jeffress has a energetic personality and strong political opinions, but watch what happens when the First Baptist Dallas preacher is confronted with Vice President Joe Biden's claim that "Terror is not a threat to the very existence of the United States."

Robert Jeffress: "It's absolutely ridiculous! Look, Stuart, whether we're talking about Turkey, Nice, San Bernardino, Orlando, or now Virginia, all of these attacks share one common denominator: They were committed by radical Islamic terrorists. Not one of these terrorists, before he committed his atrocity, shouted out "Jesus Christ is great!" It's always "Allah is great!" And for Joe Biden and our government not to acknowledge this reality is a dereliction of duty that will lead to further attacks. And I want to make this prediction on your show, Stuart. We are only one or two more ISIS attacks away from Donald Trump being elected next president of the United States. People are sick of this, and they want something done about it!"

Stuart Varney: "But let's get right to exactly what Joe Biden said. Terrorism, he said, is not an existential threat. OK, well, let's sort through that word. He's saying it's not a threat to the existence of the United States. No matter what, the United States will still exist. In that technical sense, he's right. But I think you're getting at something deeper than the very existence of America. You're getting at what America — what it is, what it's like today."

Jeffress: Absolutely, Stuart, and people need to recognize that these attacks are increasing, even in our country, in frequency and intensity. And unless we do something, we're going to be victims of continued radical Islamic terrorism. Look, I want to tell you something very interesting. Over the last several months, I've debated a Muslim Imam on our sister network, and every time I pointed out the truth about radical Islam, he would scream and yell that I was being unfair and that Islam is a religion of peace. Just last week while I was on vacation, I read that this Muslim imam has been arrested because of his connections with ISIS. Now look, these terrorists are nothing but murderers and liars. We can never expect them to tell the truth about their religion, but we ought to expect our own government officials to tell us the truth about radical Islamic terrorism."