Pastor Gets Eaten By Wild Beast While Performing Baptism in River

June 06, 2018Jun 06, 2018

One of the best things that can happen to a person is for them to be baptized into the Christian faith. It is a wonderful occasion and has roots back to the days of Jesus.

While most baptisms take place in a church, some take place outside in the waters of nearby rivers. Sadly, that is exactly the scene for a gruesome news story coming out of Ethiopia.

According to reports, A Protestant pastor was fatally attacked by a crocodile as he baptized followers at a lake in Ethiopia. Witnesses told CBS News partner network BBC News' Ethiopian service BBC Amharic that the croc leaped out of Lake Abaya, in the country's south, and bit Pastor Docho Eshete on Sunday, reported CBS News.

Witnesses say they tried to help the pastor as he was being attacked. However, the massive strength of the crocodile was simply too much for those on the land.

"He baptized the first person and he passed on to another one. All of a sudden, a crocodile jumped out of the lake and grabbed the pastor," resident Ketema Kairo told the BBC Amharic service.

Please join us in praying for their family during this awful time. We ask for God's healing grace to touch their lives.

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