Pastor and Wife Killed After Amtrak Train Collides with SUV

January 15, 2018Jan 15, 2018

Reports are claiming that a pastor and his wife were killed Sunday when an Amtrak train crashed into an SUV in North Carolina, according to Fox News


According to sources, the SUV tried to go around a lowered crossing arm and cross the tracks at around 2:20 pm. Suddenly, the Amtrak train collided with it in Whitakers. The couple has been identified as Eugene Dorthy Lyons, both of whom were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Whitakers Police Chief Darrell Confield told a local news station that he personally knew the pastor and his wife. He mentioned that he finds this tragic collision particularly troublesome because he knew the couple and grew up with them. The police chief also mentioned that the pastor and his wife were well respected in their community and will be sincerely missed.

“It bothered me because growing up here I’ve seen train wrecks before, it really touches close to home with people who grew up with and know,” Whitakers Police Chief Darrell Cofield told local news.

Fox News reports that nobody aboard the train was injured. 

New York Daily News reports that train service was temporarily suspended while law enforcement officials investigated the scene. 

Furthermore, reports say that the train was traveling 80 mph, which was 50 mph above the 30 mph speed limit.

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