Parkland Schools Close After 25 Buses Destroyed in Another Tragedy

February 23, 2018Feb 23, 2018

Parkland School District announced on Friday that classes are canceled for 9,400 students after losing 25 buses in a fire. The buses caught fire at about 3 am in a garage behind Orefield Middle School along Stadium Drive in South Whitehall Township, according to Morning Call News.

As a result of the fire, the garage holding the buses was destroyed. The yellow paint and Parkland name on the buses was completely melted off, leaving the buses nothing more than burned metal shells. 

The Parkland School District announced at about 6 am that a total of 11 schools would be closed as a direct result of the fire. School officers still remain opens at this time, despite the schools themselves being closed for students, many of whom do not have another means of transportation to school. 

So far, no injuries have been reported as a result of the fire. The cause of the fire isn't yet known. 

The buses that were burned, according to NBC Philidelphia, encompass about one-fifth of the district's fleet. Almost $2 million in damage resulted from the tragedy. 

Firefighters arrived at the scene early in the morning after flames became visible from the structure. As firefighters worked to bring the fire under control, Parkland School District Superintendent Rich Sniscak sent the email and text alerts to parents and students announcing that classes would be canceled.

On February 14, a lone gunman opened fire at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, located in the Miami metropolitan area. Seventeen people were killed and fourteen more were taken to the hospital, making it one of the world's deadliest school shootings. 

The suspected killer, 19-year-old Jacob Cruz, was arrested very shortly after the shooting took place. Currently, he is being charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. 

Police haven't yet been able to establish a motive and are investigating a pattern of disciplinary issues and troubling behavior coming to light about his past. Some of the students who survived the shooting are becoming gun control activists and some have even founded the group Never Again MSD.

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