Family Member of Michael Jackson Hospitalized, Police Responded for ‘Ambulance Attempt Suicide’

March 16, 2019Mar 16, 2019

On Saturday, March 16th, a beloved family member of the “King of Pop” was hospitalized. Michael Jackson’s 20-year-old daughter, Paris Jackson, was transported to a local hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Multiple reports stated that Paris attempted suicide. A spokesperson from the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the victim was sent to the hospital at about 7:28 AM after officers responded for “ambulance attempt suicide,” reported PEOPLE.

However, Paris denied reports of a suicide attempt. A rep for Paris said she had an “accident that required medical treatment,” but no other details were provided.

She has been released from the hospital as of Saturday afternoon. This report about Paris comes amidst her late father facing backlash over child sexual abuse allegations. The 20-year-old came under fire when the news first broke because she initially refused to comment. Later, she released a statement saying it is “not her role” to come to her dad’s defense.

A new HBO documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” showcased two men who claimed they were molested by Mr. Jackson when they were minors. Prior to his death in 2009, Jackson encountered other scenarios where he was accused of molesting children.

Since the documentary aired, a children’s museum removed some of the legendary singer’s items from a display. Former fans have also turned against the late star.

Currently, few details are known about Paris’ hospitalization. This story is developing and will be updated if more information is released. In the meantime, please pray for her recovery.

In other celebrity news, a rock and roll icon recently suffered a stroke. Please pray for him, as well!

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