Parents Urge Their Kids To WALK OUT Of School For THIS Reason

April 06, 2016Apr 06, 2016

Student groups staging "walk outs" at their schools are not unusual these days, but in the case of Windemere Ranch Middle School on the outskirts of San Francisco, it's the students' parents who are urging them to leave their classes in protest.


According to the Christian Post, a number of Windemere parents are upset about the school's LGBT "acceptance week" next week. According to the East Bay Times, the event will primarily focus on encouraging students to be accepting of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lifestyles.

An online petition created by protesting parents states that they "are not against the LGBTQ" community but feel the acceptance week is being discriminatory by encouraging students to defend LGBT issues while not being accepting toward the community of students who do not agree with LGBT lifestyles and not giving space for discussing other issues of diversity, such as religion, ethnicity, and culture.

Parents signing the petition want to be assured that the school's "Acceptance Week" is accepting of other points of views and will instruct students "without condemnation for differing religious values or practices." They are threatening to stage a student "walk out" if their demands are not met. Already they've gathered over 700 signatures.

NBC News has reported that a meeting Friday with the district superintendent was successful in pressuring Windemere's principal to cut intimate scenes out of the LGBT videos planned to be shown during the "Acceptance Week" and to allow students to opt out of watching the videos altogether.