Parents Sue School Over Abuse Allegations and Son Being 'Gender Expansive'

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

The Daily Caller reports that the parents of a boy who wears dresses to class filed a lawsuit against a New York school, claiming that authorities created a hostile environment of learning for their five-year-old.

The parents of this five year old child sued Park Slope's Public School 107 for supposedly refusing their son's rights and for "falsely" reporting child abuse after the boy described to his teachers, in disturbing detail, cases of sexual abuse taking place in his household.

According to the DC, Danielle Super and Michael Davis, the parents of the child, let their boy wear girl clothes because he is drawn to feminine clothing and toys for girls. He enjoys barbies, the color pink, and dresses – and so his parents have determined that despite being born a biological boy, he is actually not a "boy" at all. Rather, they claim that he is "gender expansive." 

The lawsuit claims that the school made it difficult for their son to flourish like other children. Apparently, the school was expected by the parents to explain why the five-year-old boy wears girl clothes to all the other little kids. The New York Times reports that the parents provided their son's school with pro-transgender books meant for little children, and demanded that the school present them to children and other parents. 

The lawsuit also argues that the sexual abuse allegations are false, and that the little boy's stories were only him "joking" around. Officials remarked that even if the stories told by the 5-year-old weren't true, they nevertheless signaled that he was distributed and should enter therapy. 

The parents have since removed their child from the public school and have placed him in a private school. 

As Christians, what do you think about the decision of these parents to tell their little boy that he is "gender expansive?" What do you think should be done about the entire situation? Let us know in the comment section of our Facebook page. Stories like this help to shed light on the outrageous direction that our culture is heading, and prayers for all involved, as well as for our country, are always encouraged.

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