Parents of Toddler Who Died from Alligator at Disney Make Amazing Announcement

September 13, 2018Sep 13, 2018

For millions of people, visiting Disney World is an amazing experience. People travel from across the world to see the iconic theme park and to enjoy a family vacation with loved ones.

However, Disney World was anything but a happy place for one poor family. Their youngest toddler was actually killed by an alligator while at the theme park.

"Matt and Melissa Graves suffered an unimaginable tragedy in 2016, when their 2-year-old son Lane Graves was snatched by an alligator and dragged to his death at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida," reported People.

However, even during this dark time, some amazing light is now shining brightly. The couple has just made an amazing announcement that will have you in tears.

"But a little over two years after the incident, the couple have some good news to share: they’ve welcomed another baby boy to their family," according to People.

They released. Statement soon after the announcement was made public. They even decided to honor their late son by using his name as a middle name for their newest addition.

“Although we know the pain of losing Lane will never go away, we feel God has blessed our family with this precious miracle of life,” the couple said in the statement. “We know Ella and Christian have their brother, Lane, watching over them as their guardian angel. The love and support we continue to receive from so many is greatly appreciated, but we ask that our desire for privacy continue to be honored.”

Lane was last seen playing near the shoreline at the Florida resort. Moments later, an alligator emerged from the water and snatched the young child. Please join us in always remembering to pray for this family.

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