Parents of Teen Boy Killed in Kentucky Shooting Reveal Son's Final Moments, Says God Played a Role

January 26, 2018Jan 26, 2018

15-year-old Preston Cope of Benton, Kentucky was one of two students who died in the Marshall County High School shooting on Tuesday, January 23rd. He was shot and killed by one of his 15-year-old male classmates, who unexpectedly opened fire on campus.

Cope’s parents recently spoke out about their son’s final living moments to The Tennessean, revealing that God played a huge role. When Cope’s mom and dad got word of the horrifying news, they immediately rushed to the school to see if their son was okay.

Cope’s father said he knew his son was on the stretcher when he caught glimpse of his Nike socks, the socks that he laid out for his son the evening before. Although they are heartbroken about their son’s death, they are grateful they were able to arrive at the school in time to say goodbye.

"There's so many obstacles that could have prevented me from getting there. I could've been in a wreck, I could've had a flat tire, anything," his father said. "But I'm firm in my faith that God guided us safely through all of that to get us there, so we could speak to our baby and just let him know we loved him."

He continued, "We want to thank each and every person, from the East Coast to the West Coast, because we feel the prayers, we feel so much love, and the arms wrapped around [us]," Cope said.

“This is what is getting us through—our faith in God, and God is lifting us and giving us the strength. I know that he’s in a better place than we are...we will see him again,” he ended tearfully.

Cope was described by his family members as a “hero, idol” to his younger brother Maddox, a good son, good student, and someone who loved the outdoors.

The parents of the other victim killed in the school shooting also spoke out about their daughter’s final moments—it was heart-wrenching.

As of Friday morning, the shooter’s identity and motive have still not been released.

Please pray for this family and all others affected by this tragedy. In other recent news, a mother of 2 tragically died after contracting the flu.

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