PARENTS: Call 911 IMMEDIATELY If You Get A Call Like This!

April 03, 2017Apr 03, 2017

A Massachusetts mother received a heart-stopping phone call that police are spreading the word about.

According to authorities, a mother received a call about her daughter who was vacationing at the time. The woman said a man told her he had kidnapped her daughter and he would kill the daughter if the mother did not transfer funds to him. 

The police say "The call sounds very real. The kidnapper allows you to briefly hear/talk with your loved one who sounds hysterical and difficult to understand over the phone."

Police also say that these "virtual kidnapping scammers" are often based in Mexico and they will use social media to look for a family member who is traveling.



“The scammer hopes you (the victim) will transfer the funds under extreme pressure and emotion before you can locate and contact your loved one and confirm it’s a scam,” the police explain. 

This family was not the only case. Watch this story about a father who was also a victim to these scammers.

If you get a phone call that sounds similar to this, immediately call 911 to allow police to investigate. 

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