Parents, Be Warned What Is Happening Behind Closed Doors

January 05, 2016Jan 05, 2016

A lot of the blessings of our country are things we take for granted.  We assume that when there's a green light, that other people on the road are going to observe their red light. We assume that when we go into a public restroom, that we are safe and with people of our same sex.  We assume that our government is operated by the people's consensus and with public transparency. 


The last two you can't assume anymore--at least not in Washington state.  One day after Christmas, Washington passed a policy--virtually in secret--that tells business owners and schools that they can't disallow a transgender person or student from using the opposite sex's bathroom or locker room. 

Let that sink in.  That means that if you work somewhere with more than 8 employees (that's what the law specifies), you can expect someone of the opposite sex to be using the bathroom right along side of you. And if you have a problem with it, you have to go find a different, gender-neutral facility. 

Same with your student at school.  Your daughter is now going to be opened up to sharing her locker room with a boy who identifies as a girl. And she's not allowed to have a problem with it, or else she'll be directed to find somewhere else to change and shower. Can you imagine?

And all of this was done without really any public notice.  Washington Rep. Graham Hunt, a Republican, told The Daily Signal, “I hate to play into conspiracy stuff because that’s not what I’m trying to say … but it’s really been done quasi-private."

“I had to have our attorneys and staff at the legislature actually get this information to confirm it so that we could read it and figure out exactly what has been going on.”

Hunt says he's received numerous concerns about the new policy. “I’ve received emails from folks who have been abused and taken advantage of in intimate private settings because someone had access to a facility that they shouldn’t have,” Hunt shared. “I don’t believe that most people who are transgender are trying to gain access for the wrong reasons,” he clarified. “But what we have to be careful for and what we have to prepare for are those who are going to take advantage of these rules.”

That's exactly right. And what's more pressing is that these things tend to spread from state to state, especially in this PC-loving culture we live in now. Hunt is trying to pass a bill that would amend the transgender policy, putting rights back in the hands of schools and business owners to define public facilities by sex. But it's not passed yet, and we each need to have our ears tuned to what is happening--sometimes secretly--in our state.

How do you feel? Did you know this was happening in Washington? Do you know what your own state's laws are on public facilities? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the Comments! Thank you so much!