Parents Aren't Happy After Walt Disney Company's Latest Price Hikes

February 12, 2018Feb 12, 2018

According to reports, the Walt Disney Co. announced that it is raising ticket prices for its theme parks in Florida and California.

According to CNN, Disney said that it is raising prices for one-day tickets by $2 to $7 at its Magic Kingdom, Epcot. The prices and price increase vary for adults and children, depending on the time of year that a person desires to visit.

As an example, CNN writes that Disney has increased one-day ticket prices for Disneyland Resort in California by up to $11 for adults on peak days. The price increase for a one-day ticket to Disneyland, furthermore, varied depending on the time of year by anywhere from $2 to $11. 

Overall, prices will be increasing the most during the time of year that the park is busiest. This means that during the holidays, particularly during Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's and July 4, there will be notable price spikes

USA Today speculates that these price hikes will test how much families will be able to afford for a day at the nation's best-known theme parks. 

According to the website, regular prices will skyrocket to nearly $119 for adults and $113 for kids at the Magic Kingdom park in Orlando. During the most expensive days of the year, tickets will be $129 per adult and $103 for kids. On the cheapest days, prices will be $109 and $103 respectively. 

Parking prices have also risen, according to USA Today, by $2 to $22. Preferred parking will not apparently be $5 more, now totally $45.

"On the most expensive days, the new pricing structure means a family of four with two kids will have to pay $526 for a day of fun in the park," reports USA Today. "Walt Disney Co. has steadily boosted prices at its theme parks over the years, but the amusement centers remain popular."

Fortune reports that Disney hopes that the price hikes will help even out visiting numbers throughout the year to decrease waiting times. The parks will also seel date-specific one-day and short-term tickets in advance in an effort to help bolster this effort.

Disney is also responding to a recent surge in attendance at their theme parks. In fact, according to Fortune, Disney's theme parks are the company's second-largest division. Attendance has actually risen a notable 6% last quarter, and the parks alone have generated $5.2 billion in revenue, marking a 13% increase.

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