Pardoned Sailor Makes Plans to Sue Former US President

June 06, 2018Jun 06, 2018

In 2009, Kristian Saucier, a machinist aboard the USS Alexandria, took illegal photos of classified areas of his submarine while it was moored at Naval Submarine Base New London in Connecticut.

When the photos were found in 2012, he was arrested and pleaded guilty to unlawful retention of national defense information at his trial in 2016. He was sentenced in Augusts 2016 and served a year in a federal prison. President Trump pardoned him on March 9, 2018.

According to Fox News, Saucier is now planning to sue former president Barack Obama for what he argues was unequal protection of the law. More exactly, he’s arguing that the same officials who punished him did not use the same standard of measure against Hillary Clinton, who used her private email server to disseminate classified information.

“They interpreted the law in my case to say it was criminal,” Saucier said in an interview with Fox News, referring to prosecuting authorities in his case, “but they didn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton. Hillary is still walking free. Two guys on my ship did the same thing and weren’t treated as criminals. We want them to correct the wrong.”

Ronald Daigle, Saucier’s lawyer, said that when he files the lawsuit in Manhattan after the mandatory six-moth waiting period elapses, the defendants listed will be the U.S. Department of Justice, former FBI Director James Comey and former President Barack Obama.

“We’ll highlight the differences in the way Hillary Clinton was prosecuted and how my client was prosecuted,” said Daigle, according to The Daily Caller. “We’re seeking to cast a light on this to show that there’s a two-tier justice system and we want it to be corrected.”

Saucier said that he’s filing the lawsuit to bring attention to the discrepancy between his case and the one involving Hillary Clinton—but also to help him get his life back. The felony conviction has made it hard for him to find work, his cars were repossessed, and his house where he and his family had lived went into foreclosure.

When President Trump issued the pardon, he tweeted to Saucier, “Congratulations to Kristian Saucier, a man who has served proudly in the Navy, on your newly found Freedom. Now you can go out and have the life you deserve!”

Still, Saucier acknowledged that even with a pardon, “there’s no magic wand that gets waved and makes everything right. But I try to stay positive and look forward.”

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