Paralyzed Man Adopts 5 Foster Children with His Wife

July 12, 2019Jul 12, 2019

There is nothing that God cannot do. Trough all things, God can use his powers and work good, even when it feels hopeless or impossible.

Recently, a young man, Chris Norton, had his future turned upside down when he became paralyzed. However, he has since become a sensation and an inspiration for thousands of fo people.

"When he was 18 in October 2010, Chris fractured part of his spine during a football play gone wrong. Doctors told him he had a 3 percent chance of moving anything below his neck again, but Chris proved them wrong, walking at his college graduation and again when he got married, each time with Emily to lean on," according to reports.

However, this wasn't the end of Norton's story.

"Seven years after being paralyzed, Chris Norton walked seven yards down the aisle with then-fiancée Emily by his side in April 2018, and the moment captured people’s hearts. In a new book, The Seven Longest Yards, Chris, 27 and Emily, 26, chronicle the highs and lows of their extraordinary journey, from Chris’ spinal injury to married life with five adopted daughters," reported People.

Chris and his wife have adopted 5 children from foster care! They are truly one amazing family and God's goodness is easily seen in and through their lives.

The couple’s four younger daughters — Ava, 10, Liliana, 8, Isabella, 6, and Ariana, 3 — are biological sisters whom the Nortons adopted in February.

Chris mentioned something that has been extremely powerful. Now, his words are going viral.

“We were able to grow our family this year, which was really special, and make it just official that they are our daughters forever,” says Emily. “It’s been an absolute joy to be able to be there for these kids, through hard times, through good times.”
Chris adds: “We went into it thinking that we would be the blessing to these kids, but they’re the blessing to us.”

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