Paper Says Why Tim Tebow Could be a Better Candidate than Trump or Clinton

April 07, 2016Apr 07, 2016

Last week in an interview, former football star and committed Christian Tim Tebow said he might be open in the future to running for office.


In an article in the Orlando Sentinel, the paper compared Tebow to other celebrities who run for office. Although the article is somewhat humorous in nature, it does make some key points.

Quoting Orlando attorney John Stemberger, who heads Florida Family Policy Council, "If Tim Tebow wanted to be a political candidate, it's his for the taking. He would be a political rock star...He's handsome, he's humble and he has character and integrity...This young man could be the next Ronald Reagan or Jack Kemp if he wanted to be."

While the paper is probably not serious in its headline, it does make the point that Tebow would be positive and inspirational and a great personal role model, while Trump with his angry demeaning attacks, and Hillary with her Bengazi past, have some serious challenges.

So is Tim running for office now? Not yet. But it could happen in the future -- and if it does, he might win.