Pampers Diapers Under Major Fire After Making Secret, Controversial Move without Customers Noticing

September 17, 2018Sep 17, 2018

Pampers is one of the most popular name brand diapers in America next to Huggies and The Honest Company. Owned by corporation giant Procter and Gamble, the brand has been around for more than 50 years.

They have a variety of both diapers and wipes lines including Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Sensitive wipes, and Pampers Natural Clean wipes. Parents who use(d) Pampers diapers may recall their staple design of “Sesame Street” characters such as Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch.

However, a new report just confirmed Pampers secretly stopped including the characters on the design of their diapers earlier this summer. According to the New York Post, customer service representatives claimed the sudden change came in response to “gender issues.”

“The Pampers rep said … parents who have daughters thought that the ‘Sesame Street’ characters are too masculine,” one Pampers customer told The Post.

Although the company insisted the controversial move was actually their first step towards “modern, fresh graphics,” a separate email to The Post touched on the brand’s “support for gender equality work.”

Parents do not seem thrilled about the change. One woman even thought she bought fake Pampers after noticing the design change and, additionally, claimed the quality of the diapers has also decreased.

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