Pamela Anderson Allegedly Looked Unrecognizable Amid Troublesome Weight Gain, Gossip Says

It is Pamela AndersonAfter her recent weight gain, staring at a death sentence? One tabloid claims the actress’ Baywatch Anderson’s days are numbered. Here’s what we know about Anderson’s new look.

‘Bloated’ Pamela Anderson ‘Gone From Fab To Flab’?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports Pamela Anderson isn’t the “sexpot” that she used to be. Recent photos show that Anderson has gained weight in recent months. The tabloid claims that her health may be in serious danger. Apparently, Anderson now weighs 150 pounds — “the heaviest she’s ever been,” according to an insider.

It is evident why she gained weight. Hulu is gearing up for release Pam & Tommy, a miniseries dramatizing Anderson’s marriage to the famous metal artist Tommy Lee, Anderson’s anxiety is at an all-time high. According to reports, Anderson has been eating excessively to cope with stress. “She’s spent most of the time eating her sorrows away!” the tipster muses.

But the Baywatch Her overindulgence could result in serious repercussions. “She’s had hepatitis C, which increases her chances of getting a fatty liver, leading to increased risk of heart attack, cancer, and diabetes!” a doctor who hasn’t treated Anderson explains.

Pamela Anderson Wants to Lose Weight

This report is completely absurd. First of all, it’s worth noting that Pamela Anderson is 5-foot-7. 150 pounds is not too much for someone her height. While the only one that can speak to the actress’ health is her doctor, she seems perfectly healthy just from appearances. But that isn’t surprising. It was painfully obvious from the magazine’s offensive rhetoric that it never had any concern for Anderson’s health.

Anderson is still beautiful, even though it’s impossible to imagine Anderson looking exactly the same as she did 20 years ago. Anderson was absolutely glowing last month when she stepped out on a coffee run. It’s clear the tabloid was desperately trying to insult Anderson and went about it in one of the sleaziest and least creative ways imaginable. Until there’s any genuine evidence to the contrary, it’s safe to say Anderson is doing just fine.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Weight

This isn’t the first time we’ve called out the National Enquirer Fat-shaming. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed friends were fearing for “hefty hermit” Jack Nicholson. Then the outlet reported Kirsten Dunst was “unrecognizable” after giving birth. Then the magazine alleged Gwen Stefani was worried about “doughy” Blake Shelton. And more recently, the publication claimed Vin Diesel had sparked health fears with his “exploding waistline.” Clearly, the Enquire can’t be trusted to report accurately on celebrities’ health.

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