Padma Lakshmi Responds to Attack on Ex Salman Rushdie

Padma LakshmiI am sending her well wishes for ex-husband Salman RushdieAfter sustaining life-threatening injuries, he was taken to the hospital.

“Relieved @SalmanRushdie is pulling through after Friday’s nightmare,” the Top Chem51 tweeted about her exSunday, August 14: Following the news that the author had been repeatedly stabbed while on stage at a Chautauqua lecture in New York on Friday, August 12, “Worried and wordless, can finally exhale. Now hoping for swift healing.”

Due to the controversial nature his writings, Rushdie has faced threats for years. His fourth novel, The Satanic Verses, which was released in 1988, drew condemnation from some Muslims who believed it to be sacrilegious, including Iran’s then-leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who issued a decree calling for the writer’s death.

On Sunday, the India native’s family said he was in critical condition at the hospital after he suffered numerous stab wounds to the neck, chest, stomach and right eye.

“Though his life changing injuries are severe, his usual feisty & defiant sense of humor remains intact,” the writer’s son Zafar RushdieIn a statement via Twitter. A state trooper arrested Hadi Matar, a New Jersey native aged 24, following the attack. He was taken into custody as the suspect in the stabbing.

Lakshmi began dating Rushdie in 1999, and they were married in April 2004. They were married three years before getting divorced in July 2007.

The TV host was then reunited with billionaire Theodore J. Forstmann in 2009, until his death in 2011 Lakshmi, who had been in a breakup with Forstmann, welcomed Krishna, her daughter, during which she was separated from him. Adam Dell2010

The following events will take place in August 2020 Taste the Nation host opened up about not having “a perfect balance” when it comes to coparenting with the venture capitalist.

“Every day is different,” she told Us exclusively, noting that Krishna will always be “the real star in the family.”

The Hulu star gushed over her daughter’s creative spirit, adding, “She is wildly entertaining and funny and a great singer. … Krishna’s hysterical. I have to resist the temptation to put her on my social media all the time because I don’t think that’s right, but it’s hard because she’s really, genuinely funny!”

The Bravo personality and Dell (52), have been through many highs as well as lows over the years. This includes a custody dispute in 2012. They rekindled their romance in 2017 however.

The Easy ExoticThe cookbook author appeared to have moved on from her relationship with Dell in June 2021 when she was spotted chatting with the poet Terrence Hayes. In November 2021, the couple parted ways.

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