Package Thief Suspect Who Took Awful Fall Arrested After Video Footage Released

January 30, 2018Jan 30, 2018
Updated February 01 2018 1:46pm ET

Package thieves don’t get a lot of sympathy, but it’s hard to not wince after watching a video of a woman taking a terrible spill while running off with someone else’s boxes. This happened on Friday in the Seattle suburb of Bothell.

The surveillance footage captured by Lizeth Ababneh shows a UPS driver delivering three packages to the porch of her home, according to Q13 FOX. Then, after the UPS truck pulls away, a black car parks in front.

Leaving her passenger-side door open, a woman jogs across the lawn to the front of the house. She awkwardly grabs the three packages, but as she’s running back to the car, one of the boxes falls in front of her foot.

That’s when she appears to slip on the wet grass, falling hard on her behind. She’s seen grabbing her ankle, which is too badly injured to put any weight on. She can be heard repeatedly crying out in pain.

As she struggles on the lawn, unable to get to her feet, the male driver of the car finally gets out to help. Picking her up very awkwardly, he takes her back to the getaway vehicle. The Seahawks-jersey-wearing driver then goes back to grab the boxes and put them in the car before driving off.

Here’s the video footage Ababneh posted on social media in order to get the porch pirates caught:

Ababneh appeared to have no sympathy for the package thief, laughing at her mishap on Facebook. One of the boxes contained $5,000 worth of medication, according to NBC affiliate KHQ.

Calling it “instant karma,” Ababneh warned everyone to “Think twice before you do something stupid!”

Now, according to NBC affiliate K5 News, both the woman and the driver seen in the video have been arrested. They both face theft charges. According to ABC affiliate KVUE, the woman in the video, Alicia Treat, showed up in court Wednesday in a wheelchair.

What do you think of this? In related news, another Washington homeowner got so frustrated with repeated package thefts that he started booby-trapping his front porch and filming the reactions of would-be thieves.

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