P!nk Criticized for Letting Her Children Run Through a Holocaust Museum

July 15, 2019Jul 15, 2019

Pink is one of the most popular pop singers around. Her music, and incredible performances, have drawn massive crowds from around the globe. She also has a major following on social media.

Pink uses her platform to give fans a glimpse into her life. She has been attacked in the past by those who wish to criticize her parenting skills. Now, she is once again been attacked online.

"On Sunday, the superstar singer took to social media to post a series of pictures from her family's time in Berlin, Germany. In one picture, Pink and Carey Hart's kids, Willow, 8, and Jameson, 2, can be seen running in the Holocaust Memorial. After sharing her post, Pink received some critical comments about the photo, including one that read, 'Τhis place is not definitely a hide and seek place, dear Pink,'" according to reports.

"@pink hey I’m sure there are some more massacres memorials you and children can go play hide and seek in like Wounded Knee or something? Maybe they were too young to go there? Or you should have explained why maybe they shouldn’t be running around! Duhhhh!" wrote one critic online.

"Won't people just leave her alone?! If they aren't whinging at her for taking her kids to a zoo, they are whinging about this. Is she not allowed a life and let her children be children???" said one fan in defense of the singer.

Pink also spoke out following the controversy.

"For all of the comments; these two children are in actuality Jewish, as am I and the entirety of my mothers family. The very person who constructed this believed in children being children, and to me this is a celebration of life after death. Please keep your hatred and judgment to yourselves."

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