Over 7 Million Pounds of Hot Dogs Recalled After Finding ‘Extraneous Materials’

July 16, 2017Jul 16, 2017

Over 7 million pounds of hot dogs were recalled after discovering ‘extraneous materials’. The products were distributed to both retail and institutional locations nationwide, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

The USDA reports the problem was found through customer complaints. Apparently, small pieces of bones were found in the hot dogs.

The recall is being issued by Marathon Enterprises, which produces a variety of different brands and flavors of hot dogs and sausages. Multiple types of products were affected by the recall.

Unfortunately, one oral injury has been reported. As of right now, no other injuries related to consumption of this product have been reported to the USDA.

However, consumer are still strongly urged not to consume them as it could lead to sickness or injuries. If you have these products in your home, please throw them away or return to the place of purchase for a refund immediately.

Please see a few of the product photos below. Product dates include any time between March 17th of 2017 up until July 4th. To view the full list of products, click here.

Please share this important information with friends and family to help keep families safe. Thank you so much!