Over 300,000 Toyota Vehicles Recalled in Regards to Safety Concerns

October 18, 2017Oct 18, 2017

Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the world’s top 5 largest company in terms of revenue, announced a massive recall on Wednesday, October 18th. Over 300,000 Toyota’s are affected by the recall.

This recall is only for vehicles sold in the United States. Toyota is originally headquartered in Japan and ships vehicles worldwide, but other countries are not impacted by this specific recall.

According to CNBC, the recall is in regards to “safety concerns.” Apparently, issues with the shift lever could potentially cause a car crash, putting the driver and passengers in danger.

USA Today reported on the company's official statement, “Grease inside the shift lever assembly could transfer to other internal components...This could allow the shift lever to be moved out of the 'park' position without depressing the brake pedal. If this occurs when the parking brake is not engaged, it could lead to a vehicle rollaway and increase the risk of a crash."

Please see the full list of recalled vehicles below.

Recalled Vehicles:

  1. 2005 Sienna minivan
  2. 2006 Sienna minivan
  3. 2007 Sienna minivan
  4. 2009 Sienna minivan
  5. 2010 Sienna minivan

CNBC confirmed that the issue will be fixed for free by Toyota dealers, but customers will not be notified until later this year—the middle of December. You can also check to see if your vehicle is recalled here.

It was not mentioned if any injuries or deaths have been related to this recall. Currently, little details are known, but this story will be updated accordingly if more information is released.

This recall comes shortly after more than 1 million luxury vehicles were recalled over airbag issues, where injuries were confirmed.

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