Our Government At Work: How 1 Billion Dollars Has Transformed The Immigration Process

November 10, 2015Nov 10, 2015

10 years ago the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services launched an initiative to update and streamline their immigration program by digitizing all of their various forms and putting them online.

According to Fox news, after a decade and a billion tax payer dollars, only 1 out of the 100 various immigration forms are available online.  The other 99 still need to be filed in paper.  Three forms had been digitized, but two had problems and had to be removed from the site.  The only form currently available online is for replacing or renewing a green card. 

As with the majority of all government projects, the scale and ineptitude on this immigration endeavor has grown every day.  At this current point, the project is 2 years and a half billion dollars overdue. 

The project is now not anticipated to be completed for another 4 years and an additional 2 billion dollars.

USCIS defended themselves in a non-specific statement:  “USCIS is actively working to go agile and move our application processes online.  The transformation initiative is developing that capability and will allow us to eventually move away from processing 8 million paper-based benefit requests a year.  But fixing a broken immigration system is not easy and this has taken longer than originally planned.