Our Elegant First Lady Melania Shows Off Stunning Style, See Her Recent Posh Looks

June 19, 2018Jun 19, 2018

Throughout her time in the White House, many Americans have been highly impressed with First Lady Melania. She has a high favorability rating and has made it her priority to "[work] hard on behalf of children and the American people."

The thing that has been most talked about regarding our First Lady, however, has been her stunning style. She always looks classy and elegant and still maintains a unique sense of fashion. We've decided to curate some of her posh recent looks from this spring to show that off! 

Below are a few of First Lady Melania's top looks from this spring. In the several looks featured below, Melania has opted to wear a dominant color and either display it head-to-toe or at least for the majority of the look. Her style recently has been bold but simple. Which look is your favorite?

Do you love our First Lady's style?  Let us know! In other recent news,  Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are celebrating an exciting day and fans are reaching out with "congratulations!"