Osmond Family Makes Sad Announcement, Fans 'Saying Goodbye'

April 02, 2019Apr 02, 2019

The Osmonds are some of the biggest entertainers in America. They have built a massive business and have had successful careers for decades.

Sadly, the time is up for Donny and Marie. After rumors began to swirl recently, the famous pair made the news official.

"The brother-sister duo made the announcement last month on 'Good Morning America' confirming rumors they were ending their residency. 'It’s been rumored that we’re bringing Donny & Marie to an end here in Las Vegas,' Donny, 61, told the outlet. 'And we’re here to say it’s official,'" wrote Fox.

This marks the end to their 11-year run in Vegas. Fans were stunned by the news. Now, the Osmonds are opening up about their decision to call it quits.

"Why? Why not?" Donny said, adding, "There are so many projects we want to do individually. She’s got her career, I've got my career… We had no idea it would be 11 years. We started out as a six-week contract and here we are 11 years later."

However, fans don't have to cry for too long. They say they plan to still perform together, just not at the current Vegas event.

“It's the end of the Donny & Marie show, it's not the end of Donny and Marie,” he said.

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