Longtime Republican Senator Retiring, Gives Emotional Farewell Address

December 12, 2018Dec 12, 2018

On Wednesday, December 12, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch gave his farewell address. He will be concluding his time in the Senate after four decades.


The 84-year-old Utah Senator, who currently serves as the Senate's president pro tempore, will be retiring this month. On Wednesday, he shared some final thoughts with his fellow public servants, pointing out some flaws within the Senate.


Hatch somberly stated, "All the evidence points to an unsettling truth: The Senate, as an institution, is in crisis or at least may be in crisis. The committee process lies in shambles. Regular order is a relic of the past. And compromise- once the guiding credo of this great institution- is now synonymous with surrender."

The Utah Republican continued, talking about when the Senate used to be "the world's greatest deliberative body." 

He said that "times have certainly changed" and that in order to "mend the nation, we must first mend the Senate."


He said, "We must restore the culture of comity, compromise, and mutual respect that used to exist here. Both in our personal and public conduct, we must be the very change we want to see in the country. We must not be enemies but friends."

Hatch continued, talking about the "trickle-down effect" that takes place, first within Capitol Hill and then to American society. He charged his fellow Senators to live a life above reproach. 


He said, "Restoring civility requires that each of us speak responsibly. That means the president. That means Congress. And that means everyone listening today."


Hatch served in the Senate since 1977. Now, his time is coming to an end. What do you think about his assessment of Senate and about his words? Let us know! 

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