Orphan Friends Separated By 10,000 Miles Say MIRACLE Brought Them Back Together

April 10, 2016Apr 10, 2016

There are friends who stick closer to us than brothers, and in the case of Kelvin Lewis and Afonso Slater, even moving halfway around the world can't tear you apart.


According to People, Kelvin and Alfonso were best friends as orphans in Mozambique when in 2008 at the age of 10, they were both adopted by American families after difficult and lengthy legal processes. Kelvin became part of a family in Gilbert, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. Afonso was accepted into another family...in Gilbert, Arizona.

Amazingly, despite traveling 10,000 miles, the best friends ended up in the same city and continued their friendship without interruption.

Eight years later, Afonso commented, "The only way this makes sense to me is that there was a higher plan for our friendship to last. I needed Kelvin back in Mozambique, because we relied on each other for comfort. And I can't explain it, but it just made sense that he would end up in Arizona too."

Both he and Kelvin said being together in a foreign country helped them acclimate to their new lives and families. They ended up in the same high school and soccer team and plan to attend the same university. Both are focusing on degrees they plan to use to help others back in Mozambique, and they have no plans for living far from each other.

"We talk about growing old, like sitting on our porches in a rocking chair, and living next door to each other, having our kids be best friends. We're definitely more than friends, we're brothers," Kelvin remarked.

Afonso added, "Brothers forever."