Oreo’s Bizarre New Holiday Treat is Creating Quite a Buzz

November 21, 2017Nov 21, 2017

Oreo’s original sandwich cookie of a sweet creme filling stuffed between two chocolate wafers has certainly developed far behind that since it was originated in 1912. In the past century, Oreo has come out with a variety of unique flavors including Banana Split, Cookie Dough, Marshmallow Crispy, Peanut Butter, Lemon, and dozens of others.

The latest Oreo sensation may top all of those—Oreo Candy Canes. To clarify, this is not referring to the company’s candy cane-flavored Oreo cookies, but the other way around—Oreo-flavored Candy Canes.

The new holiday treat is creating quite a buzz.

A reporter from TODAY tried the treat, stating that they “do not taste like Oreos” in her opinion. According to her taste buds, they resemble a mix of Tootsie rolls, chocolate wafer, and a “slightly creamy” finish.

Despite the confusion, she thinks they are delicious. And others agree.




However, other consumers think the idea is far-fetched.



If you’re eager to try them, stock up now. According to Delish, these treats are only available during this holiday season. You can purchase them in your local retail stores or online. Amazon is selling the candy canes for less than $9 per box.

What do you think of Oreo candy canes? Have you tried this new holiday treat? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. In breaking news, a famous entertainer was placed on life support after undergoing emergency surgery. 

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