Oregon Sheriff Given The Power To Directly Challenge Obama

November 11, 2015Nov 11, 2015

There is a new sheriff in town.  Well, not quite a new sheriff, but in Coos County, Oregon voters passed a new measure that gives the sheriff the power to directly challenge the federal government.


According to Fox news, Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni was granted discretion to ignore any federal gun laws that he deems to be unconstitutional. 

The measure was put on the ballot by citizens who felt that their 2nd amendment rights were coming under increasing scrutiny and attack by the federal government. 

The shooting at Umpqua Community College brought the issue of tighter gun restrictions to the national forefront.  Being only 60 miles away from the college, Coos County residents felt the increasing reach of the Obama administration.

The controversial measure was overwhelming passed by the voters during the recent election.  The measure passed with over 60% of the vote.

The vote surprised the Sheriff Zanni.  He is a staunch supporter of gun rights but he believes that this new measure will end up the courts before long.  “I’m not sure the courts would agree with that concept.  I would just be there would be some legal challenges to it.”

While the measure may not hold up to a legal challenge, the Oregon voters have made their voice heard and that they will not tolerate any infringement of their 2nd amendment rights.