Oregon Man Makes History, Becomes First Person to Cross Antarctica Unaided

December 27, 2018Dec 27, 2018

An incredible feat was accomplished by a man from Portland, Oregon. Colin O'Brady became the first man to cross Antarctica, alone, without any assistance. His journey took him 54 days to complete.

“I don’t know, something overcame me,” O’Brady told the New York Times in a telephone interview after he crossed the finish line. “I just felt locked in for the last 32 hours, like a deep flow state. I didn’t listen to any music — just locked in, like I’m going until I’m done. It was profound, it was beautiful, and it was an amazing way to finish up the project.”

His friends and family had anxiously waited as he made the trek across the frozen, snow-covered wilderness. The entire journey was 930-miles long. Colin's family and friends were able to watch his progress in real time thanks to a tracking system on his person.

“I did it!” a tearful O’Brady said on a call to his family gathered in Portland for the holidays, according to his wife, Jenna Besaw. "It was an emotional call,” she said. “He seemed overwhelmed by love and gratitude, and he really wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to all of us.”

“There were several times I considered stopping, putting my tent back up and calling it a day,” he wrote in a social media post. “I wanted so badly to quit today as I was feeling exhausted and alone, but remembering all of the positivity that so many people have been sending, I took a deep breath and focused on maintaining forward progress one step at a time and managed to finish a full day.”

Colin's wife told reporters that her husband had been eating freeze-dried foods for nearly two months and that he was craving a fresh salad and some fish. Join us in congratulating Colin on an incredible achievement!

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