OOPS: Reporter Tries To Buy AR-15 To Make A Point About Guns, His Plan Backfires In MAJOR Way

June 22, 2016Jun 22, 2016

Liberals love to propagate the false notion that it is extremely easy to get a weapon. In addition to spreading the false narrative that guns are freely given without background checks, the mainstream media also frequently mislabels certain guns as “assault rifles.”

Just to be clear, there is no such thing as an assault rifle. Assault is an action, not a weapon. The gun that is most skewered by the fearful media is the AR-15. According to Townhall, Neil Steinberg from the Chicago Sun Times set out to make a name for himself by exposing just how easy it is to get his hands on an “assault rifle.”  Unfortunately from Steinberg, his plan failed in epic fashion.

Steinberg visited a local gun store and filled out the paperwork for the background check and paid for the weapon. Since Illinois has a 24 hour waiting period, Steinberg was told that he would have to wait and come back the next day.

During the waiting period, the store called Steinberg and told him that they were cancelling the sale and would not be giving him the gun. The reason? It was found that Steinberg had a history of domestic battery involving his wife as well as alcohol abuse.

The store did not feel comfortable selling the gun to Steinberg with his violent background. Steinberg claimed it was because he was a reporter. Instead of trying to prove his theory that it was easy to get a weapon, it proved that the background checks and the gun laws do work and keep weapons out of the hands of questionable people.