OOPS! Liberals Outraged By Ben Carson’s Speech, Forget One MAJOR Thing About Obama

March 07, 2017Mar 07, 2017

Liberals and celebrities have directed their hatred and anger towards Dr. Ben Carson after he likened slaves to being immigrants in his first speech as Housing and Urban Development Secretary.


“That’s what America is about, a land of dreams and opportunity,” Carson said, “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters, might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

Liberal leaning pundits, celebrities, and organizations jumped at the chance to rake Carson over the coals for his comments. A lot of the liberal comments contain too much profanity to repeat. Even the NAACP took a shot at Carson by tweeting out “Immigrants???” after Carson’s speech.

In their haste to tear down Carson, they forgot that on separate occasions, former President Barack Obama also made the comparison that slaves, despite being brought to America against their will, are immigrants of sorts.

In 2015 during a naturalization ceremony, Obama said, “Certainly, it wasn’t easy for those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves. There was discrimination and hardship and poverty.”


There was no fake liberal outrage in 2015 when Obama made the comparison. Nor was there any outrage following a 2012 naturalization ceremony in which Obama included slaves as an immigrant class.

“We are a nation of immigrants,” Obama said in his speech. “Unless you are one of the first Americans, a Native American, we are all descended from folks who came from someplace else — whether they arrived on the Mayflower or on a slave ship, whether they came through Ellis Island or crossed the Rio Grande.”

Once again, liberals are showing their true colors by attacking Ben Carson over his near identical remarks to those of Obama. The only way the fake outrage can be explained is that Ben Carson is a Republican and a member of Trump's administration.