One Week Later, The Newest Duggar Baby Has A Name!

November 13, 2015Nov 13, 2015

Jessa Seewald gave birth to the newest addition of the Duggar family last week.  The labor took 48 hours, but naming the child proved to be a much longer process.  The couple was hesitant to rush into naming the child because a name is forever.


According to the Christian Times, the wait is over.  Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald revealed their son’s name yesterday on a youtube video.  The name they chose is Spurgeon Elliot Seewald.

The unconventional name was decided upon out of inspiration and respect for British pastor Charles Spurgeon.  “He had a big impact on our lives,” Ben said, “His writings and his sermons and books are still around today.  They just continue to impact many, many people.”

The middle name Elliot also holds significance to the couple.  It is an homage to evangelical missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot who were missionaries in Ecuador.