One Unexpected Impact of Abortion That No One is Talking About

June 11, 2018Jun 11, 2018

One of the most controversial issues in America is abortion. From a conservative Christian perspective, it’s widely viewed as taking a life away — and it’s no secret that this choice has long-lasting repercussions for the mother physically and emotionally.

But, there’s one unexpected impact of abortion that is often overlooked and is talked about very little: the impact abortion has on the father. Christian author and speaker Victoria Robinson is sparking this specific conversation by sharing her story and becoming involved with the pro-life organization “Save the Storks.” This organization allows women to see the ultrasound and hear their baby’s heartbeat for free — a very different avenue than an abortion clinic, which hesitates to show the mom their baby at all.

Robinson, a woman who has experienced abortion herself, opened up about her heart for this issue with Faith Family America writer Alex Olsen in a recent interview. Ultimately, Robinson is striving to include men in the abortion conversation, as well as shift the conversation to be approached with love over hatred.

“I think that [Save the Storks] is shifting the paradigm as to how people view the abortion issue, I think we’re changing the conversation from judgment and condemnation and everybody screaming at each other to having civil conversations about it...It’s not just about the baby; It’s not just about the unborn,” Robinson revealed. “It’s about the men and the women who are left behind dealing with all of the junk that comes with choosing abortion. They matter just as much as the baby does.”

“Men, in particular, use the word ‘haunted’ [when talking about abortion],” she noted. “It’s very fascinating to me that men all over the country will inevitably walk up to me and say, ‘I’m still haunted by an abortion from 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago.’ Women will use words like guilt, shame, devastation, heartbroken.”

“I just want men and women to hear a message of hope, that there are other options,” she continued. “I’m so excited about this stand that Save the Storks is taking to get the message out that men are hurting, too. When I talk to men and tell them that ‘I know you want to be heard, I know you don’t want to be silenced any longer,’ they feel hopeful. They’re like, ‘You mean there are other men out there like me?’”

Robinson was even more assured of this truth when the father of the child that she aborted sincerely apologized to her for persuading her decision and admitted the guilt that haunted him for years. Several years later when Robinson reached out to him via telephone, he immediately started sobbing when he heard her voice.

“When he started sobbing on the phone, I was so taken aback because all those years I thought he didn’t even care,” Robinson admitted. “He said to me, ‘I’ve been waiting for this phone call and praying for this phone call for over a decade. I’m so sorry for what I made you do and it was my job to protect you and our baby and if I could go back, I would change it,’” she noted also mentioning that he went through therapy sessions (as did Robinson) after the abortion.

This phone call was a major turning point in Robinson’s life. After this phone call, she knew it was her God-given mission to talk to both women and men about the aftermath of abortion.

“Men are hurting, too,” Robinson reiterated. “We cannot silence these fathers anymore. People forget that these millions of aborted babies didn’t just have mothers, but they had fathers, as well.”

Ultimately, Robinson wants to help both men and women with the healing process that follows abortion. This is something that Robinson struggled with personally for quite some time, but eventually found peace through her faith and talking with someone about her experience.

“For about a decade, I told no one. I was involved in women’s ministry, I was leading worship for a church of 5,000 people...I was terrified that if they knew about my past, they would kick me out of the church, they would for sure kick me off of the worship team, so I kept it hidden,” Robinson told FFA.

During her healing process, she finally spoke with a woman she felt safe with. This is the one thing that truly helped her move on from her shame and start sharing her testimony.

“She didn’t judge me, she didn’t condemn me, she loved me and accepted me...I think there are so many women out there that are suffering in silence, and men, as well. They’re afraid to tell anyone out of the fear of rejection — that fear that people will not love or look at them the same. I would say to that woman or that man, ‘go talk to somebody you feel safe with, somebody you trust,” she said encouraging post-abortion counseling.

Additionally, parents need to be reminded that God forgives them and is for them regardless of the decisions that they make.

“[Jesus] died for all of us, not just the unborn, but for all of us. Praise God for the ones we save, and [praise God] for those parents, as well,” Robinson assured. "But for those who chose a different way, we need to make sure that they understand that there’s help for them — and there are love and compassion for them, as well.”

To hear more details about Save the Storks and Robinson’s personal abortion journey, please check out our other exclusive story here. Thank you!

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