ONE Thing You Didn’t Know Women Are Skipping On ‘Day Without A Woman’ Strike

March 08, 2017Mar 08, 2017

Wednesday March 8th, women all over the country are participating in a ‘Day Without A Woman’ strike for those who believe they are treated unfairly and gender inequality is still an issue.

The strike is meant to support women’s rights and gender justice, as well as recognize the value of all types of women in the socio-economic system.

According to the Women's March website, women can join by taking a day off from work (or housework), avoid shopping (unless it’s a women-owned, minority-owned or small business), or wearing the color red.

But there’s another thing women are doing to participate in the strike that isn’t listed on the Women’s March website:

NOT Smiling.

Feminists claim they are expected to put on a ‘happy face’ everyday and it’s a form of unpaid ‘emotional labor’, reports Washington Post.

One feminist says, ““I’ll be striking from cooking and laundry for my partner, emotional work in my relationship, and fake smiles and fake contentment.”

Many other personal testimonies mention they will not be ‘putting on a happy face’ in addition to protesting/blaming the Trump administration for certain gender inequality factors.

Women’s Strike webpage mentions a full list of what women are striking from: fake smiles, flirting, makeup, shaving, changing diapers, dishes and other forms of housework and self-care.

What do you think about the message this strike is sending by refusing responsibilities and smiling?

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