One Teenager Dead, Dozens Poisoned by Carbon Monoxide

January 05, 2018Jan 05, 2018

The Associated Press reports that a New Jersey teenager was found dead, and dozens more were found sickened, after a sudden outbreak of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Perth Amboy police have released a statement claiming that 35 people were treated for a sudden and tragic outbreak of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The outbreak at least seven police officers and three relatives of the 13-year-old female teenager killed. The relatives included a man in his 40s, a 21-year-old woman, and a 14-year-old girl, all of whom remain in critical condition at this time. 

According to AP, police responded to the building at around 4 pm on Thursday. The city put residents in a hotel on Thursday night while firefighters searched for the source of the carbon monoxide on Thursday. 

ABC News reports that after responding to the three-story building in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, police quickly began evacuating residents from the building. 

One resident recalls what happened. He was in his home when he heard the doorbell ring. When he answered, a police officer told him that he needed to get out. The police officers began knocking on everybody's door and yelling that they everybody in the building needs to quickly leave before it was too late.

"I heard the doorbell ring and it was the police and they just went quickly upstairs," said Joshua Coria, a resident, according to ABC. "Then I heard screaming. There was a knock at the door and they told everybody to get out."

It is unclear at this time whether or not the carbon monoxide detectors in the building worked, although ABC News speculates that they didn't. And so far, while firefighters search, no report has been released detailing the ultimate source of this carbon monoxide poisoning. 

"We immediately knew it was some kind of toxin that was taking everybody over. We knew that if we went in there we would put ourselves in danger, but that's our jobs, that's what we need to do to get the people out to be able to do what we need to do and attempt to save their lives," Perth Amboy Deputy Chief Lawrence Cattano said, according to ABC.

A criminal investigation is currently underway. 

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