One Shocking Number Shows Why Trump Has A Real Shot At Winning The Election

August 31, 2016Aug 31, 2016

It seems that as each day passes, one particular number continues to trend in the wrong way for Hillary Clinton. This particular number may cost her the presidency.

Clinton has not held a press conference in nearly a year and is plagued by an overwhelming number of scandals. She has exposed classified information over a private email server and lied about it. She has also been exposed for taking millions of dollars of donations through her foundation and parlaying it into access and favors for the donors. On top of that, it was revealed that the Democratic party essentially rigged the primary process in her favor.

The number that continues to plague Clinton’s scandal ridden candidacy is her favorability rating. According to the Washington Post, fewer people like and trust Clinton now than ever before. A new poll reveals that only 41% of people view Clinton in a favorable light, with a record number of 56% of people finding her to be unfavorable.

These are the worst numbers that Clinton has ever had during her career in the political arena. It appears that more and more people are sorting through the liberal media bias and starting to see the truth about her. If these numbers continue to fall as they have been throughout the election process, Trump could very well wind up in the White House.