One Of Target's Excuses For Poor Sales Gets Thrown Out The Window...By Best Buy

August 23, 2016Aug 23, 2016

After a poor sales report showed them down 7% last quarter compared to the same period of time last year, Target has been scrambling to make excuses for why they're not doing so well. And they keep leaving out one of the primary reasons — the massive boycott of their store by Christians and other common-sense individuals who were not happy when Target publicly announced they were opening up all of their restrooms and dressing rooms to customers of either gender based on their self-identified "gender identity" rather than their biological sex.

One of the retail chain's biggest excuses was the lack of new gadgets being released lately, leading to lower consumer electronics sales, according to Time. Sales of new Apple devices plummeted 20% in the last quarter. Target also cited increasing pressure from Amazon and Walmart.

But Best Buy, which also competes with Amazon and Walmart and specializes in consumer electronics, actually saw an increase in overall sales during the same time Target saw itself losing business in the midst of the boycott.

The official "Boycott Target Pledge" actually gained steam recently after appearing to stall for a couple months. It has now surpassed 1.4 million, a jump that seemed to correlate with Target's latest announcement.

In an attempt to pacify the boycotters, Target announced last week that they were spending $20 million to install single-occupancy restrooms in every store, according to CNN Money. The costly move only sought to further frustrate boycotters, though, because the company is still allowing men into women's restrooms and dressing rooms and vice versa.

"This doesn't completely answer our concerns," said Walker Wildmon with the American Family Association, the organization that created the boycott pledge.