One Mind Boggling Statistic Shows How Trump Has Taken On And DEFEATED The Establishment

April 13, 2016Apr 13, 2016

Donald Trump has turned the election process upside down. Gone are the days where money and political connections could guarantee a candidate a path to the White House. According to the New York Times, money in the bank can’t compare to the will of the American people.

Case in point: Over $132 million has been spent so far on negative attack ads by the candidates and super PAC’s that support them.  Of that massive number of negative propaganda, approximately $70 million has been spent attacking Trump.

You read that correctly.  Over half of the money spent attacking the candidates was all focused on one man: Donald Trump.  Consider that there were initially 17 candidates in the Republican race and one man received unprecedented negative attention.

How have the attack ads worked out for the establishment candidates?  The short answer is that they haven’t.  In fact they have failed miserably.  Trump is still ahead in nearly all of the polls and is currently polling at 60% in New York.

As for the establishment, they have only one candidate left in John Kasich who cannot statistically win the nomination outright.