On the Day U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem, Israelis Have This to Say about Trump

May 14, 2018May 14, 2018

Fulfilling a campaign promise, President Trump on Monday will move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem after he officially recognized the city as the capital of Israel in December. The move is set to happen officially at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

According to Fox News, the decision by the United States to do so is a “national security priority,” and the reason for a 250-member delegation to oversee and usher in the move. The delegation includes President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, and several other key dignitaries.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will also attend, scheduled to unveil the plaque officially recognizing the embassy in Jerusalem.

“I’m thrilled to be here on behalf of the president. It’s a big day – moving the embassy here. Seventy years in the making. We’re thrilled to be here representing the president to do this,” said Mnuchin.

On Sunday night, Israelis displayed their support and gratitude for President Trump, and for the United States, for recognizing a campaign promise that meant a great deal to the nation of Israel.

On the ancient walls of Jerusalem, a sign was projected that said, “Thank You President Trump,” along with Israeli and American flags. Inside those walls, tens of thousands of young Israelis celebrated and sang at the Western Wall plaza in honor of Yom Yerushalayim, otherwise known as “Jerusalem Day,” the 51st anniversary of the reunification of the city during the Six Day War of 1967, according to Breitbart

This year, Jerusalem Day fell one day before Israel’s 70th anniversary, which is May 14; May 14 also is the 70th anniversary that U.S. President Harry Truman recognized Israel. The transfer of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem was slated for that day because of it.

Sentiment among Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for these reasons, was “somewhere between ecstatic and euphoric,” according to an official within the department. Throughout the modern center of the city, American and Israeli flags hung side-by-side.

Several signs were hung that thanked President Trump, calling him a “Friend of Zion.”

“Trump is Number One!” shouted one Israeli, while others repeated the refrain, “He does what he says.”

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