Olympics To Allow Transgender Athletes To Compete Without Surgery

January 26, 2016Jan 26, 2016

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) believes that men and women should be able to freely compete in the Olympics against whomever they wish, regardless of gender.

The IOC created and released new guidelines that pander to the wave of political correctness regarding transgender culture.  According to the Blaze, not only will transgender athletes be able to participate as whichever gender they choose to identify as, but they will be allowed to compete as the gender they choose without having any kind of sex reassignment surgery. 

The IOC claims that taking the steps to become the gender that one identifies as, is an assault on their human rights.  “To require surgical anatomical changes as a pre-condition to participation is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights,” the IOC said in the guidelines document.

The updated guidelines state that female-turned-male athletes will be able to jump right into competition without any restriction.  On the flip side, male-turned-female athletes will need to prove that their testosterone levels have fallen below a certain cutoff point and have stayed under that point for a year.