Olympic Gymnast Announces She's Expecting Baby, Opens Up About Infertility

August 14, 2018Aug 14, 2018

Olympic Gymnast Carly Patterson is pregnant!

She announced the news in an Instagram post on Monday. She shared that she and her husband, Mark Caldwell, will be adding another baby to their brood.

Patterson and Caldwell, who have been married for five years, have a 10-month-old son Graham Mitchell.

Patterson, 30, shared an image of the family that featured Graham sporting a “Big Brother” shirt. In one hand, the proud mother held a strip of ultrasound photos.

“We are so overwhelmed to announce that Graham is going to be a big brother and we are adding to our little family,” she began her caption on the post.

Patterson, who was the 2004 all-around women’s gymnastics champion, had previously opened up about infertility. She and her husband struggled for years to conceive and finally turn to fertility treatment.

Patterson wrote, “Most of you know our fertility journey with Graham, but we are thanking the Lord that we did not have to go through the same thing for baby #2!” Patterson wrote in her announcement post, Monday. “God likes to take our circumstances we think are impossible and says, ‘Just watch what I can do, nothing is impossible with me’! I am in awe of His goodness!”

Patterson shared thats she'll give birth to baby number 2 in February. She concluded with reassuring words for couples struggling to conceive.

“For those of you still waiting for your miracle baby; because trust me those memories are still all too fresh for me, keep your faith and hope strong,” she wrote.

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