Ole Miss Student Murdered by Boyfriend for Refusing to Have Abortion: 'I Don't Believe in That'

July 30, 2019Jul 30, 2019

A tragic ending is coming in the case of a missing young girl. Ally Kostial, the Ole Miss student who has been missing, has been found dead.

Her body was found near a lake 30-miles from the campus. Police immediately suspected foul play. Now, they have released more information as they investigate the case.

"The body of Alexandria 'Ally' Kostial was found Saturday morning in Harmontown, located about 20 miles from the Ole Miss campus in Oxford, Miss. The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department told Fox 13 that 'foul play' was apparent and her body was discovered by an officer on patrol. She had been shot multiple times and was last spotted alive outside a bar on Friday night," reported Fox.

Officials say Ally was shot 8 times. A suspect in her murder has just been arrested. Police say that 22-year-old Brandon Theesfeld has been arrested in connection with the murder.

Friends posted touching tributes to Ally on social media. Prayers came in from across the globe. Now, reports are coming in concerting the motive of her killer. Officials say that her boyfriend murdered her after discovering out she was pregnant and wanted to keep the child.

"Her sorority sisters knew she was pregnant and that she had told Brandon. He was really upset about it, that it would ruin his life and his future," one Ole Miss student told the outlet of Kostial.

"He was really mad that she wouldn't get an abortion," the source said. "She was like, 'No, I don't believe in that.'"

Other friends who knew Ally echoed a similar story, reported The Blaze.

Another friend told the Mail, "[Kostial] was really upset because she was pregnant and had been trying to [get rid of her child] through unhealthy ways, like going out, drinking a lot and doing drugs. She was 17 weeks pregnant. She was not handling it well. Brandon found out but he was dating someone else. He wanted her to get an abortion. I think morally she didn't want to do it."

The second friend added that she believed Kostial told Theesfeld of the pregnancy within hours of her death.

"I believe it was the same day," the unnamed student said, "Her sorority sisters thought it was Brandon because he was in a rage earlier in the day when I guess she had told him."

Join us as we pray for her family during this tragic time. May God's mercy surround them and bring them comfort.

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